Business Investigation

Thorough research and due diligence investigation are an integral part of many business transactions in today’s competitive business environment. Through a network of licensed, competent professionals with whom our firm affiliates and the various tools available through technology, we can help you uncover crucial data, potential liabilities and hazards before you acquire a commercial or industrial real property, or before you make any substantial investment of both money and time in a prospective business or commercial transaction.

Our investigation services encompass harvesting and assessment of important information and data concerning:

  • legal status of business entities
  • profiles of businesses
  • location of assets
  • title of ownership of assets
  • liens against assets
  • real estate/property profile and violations of record against real property
  • status of existing trademarks/service marks and copyright
  • feasibility of registration of new trademarks and copyright
  • outstanding legal judgment and pending litigation
  • employment background screening