Business Planning & Development

The planning and operation of a business typically involve a wide range of legal issues arising under the laws affecting business entities (whether corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, etc.), commercial laws, real estate laws, intellectual property laws, employment laws, environmental compliance, etc.

Stella S. Liu, Esq. has served as a general counsel to many businesses for years. She has extensive experience in advising and assisting clients to navigate through complex issues. For instance,

  • business start-up
  • acquisition of business or business assets and related intellectual property rights
  • acquisition or leasing of commercial or industrial real estate
  • acquisition or leasing of business equipment and fixture
  • expansion of business operations
  • creation, promotion and marketing of new products and related intellectual property rights
  • negotiation for and preparation of agreements or contracts with vendors, distributors, agents, wholesalers, retailers, sellers, purchasers, sub-contractors, employees, etc.
  • ongoing business operations and commercial transactions
  • issues relating to interstate and international commercial transactions
  • commercial financing of business working capital, lines of credits, commercial mortgages, etc.