Legal Risk Assessment

Legal risks are often hidden and subtle until they become crises. Even savvy, sophisticated business owners and managers may not realize the extent to which their businesses are vulnerable. Our thorough evaluation of your business helps you identify unwanted liability or vulnerability and take proper actions to protect and strengthen your business, instead of reacting to crises as they arise.

Our Legal Risk Assessment may encompass the following issues:

  • Legal form of business entity
  • Organizational structure and equity holdings
  • Business operations, trade names, and doing business in foreign states
  • Record-keeping policies and practice
  • Shareholder agreement
  • Commercial and retail leases
  • Business assets, ownership and liens
  • Intellectual property rights, including ownership and registration status of trademarks, copyright and patents, and licensing of the same
  • Insurance coverage
  • Review of employment policies & benefits
  • Recruitment of employees, employment applications, job interview, etc.
  • Operational safety issues
  • Environmental concerns
  • Pending or outstanding litigation and judgment