Contract Negotiation & Preparation

Our firm represents business clients throughout the entire contract process, including advising clients on the legal implications, obligations and requirements of the subject transactions; negotiating with the opposing parties to achieve our clients’ objectives; conducting due diligence and relevant investigation; reviewing and preparing all necessary business and legal documents; and consummating (closing) the transactions.

Stella S. Liu, Esq. is experienced and effective in assisting clients in a wide range of business and commercial transactions, including reviewing and preparing contracts and business documents involving:

  • purchase or acquisition of business, business assets and related intellectual property rights
  • acquisition of equity interest in a new or established business
  • shareholder or partnership agreement
  • acquisition or leasing of commercial or industrial real estate
  • acquisition or leasing of business equipment and fixture
  • creation, acquisition, and marketing of products and related intellectual property rights
  • contracts with vendors, distributors, agents, wholesalers, retailers, sellers, purchasers, sub-contractors, employees, etc.
  • issues relating to interstate and international commercial transactions
  • commercial financing and mortgages