Business Startup & Governance

Given the current global economy and complex, competitive marketplace, a prudent entrepreneur cannot afford to be without the advice of an experienced and seasoned business attorney and legal advisor. Stella S. Liu, Esq. has extensive experience in assisting business clients with a multiplicity of legal issues confronting business owners and managers in various industries.

Formation of New Business Entities
To help clients successfully embark on their new business ventures, Stella S. Liu, Esq. provides advice and guidance to entrepreneurs and the self-employed with respect to the selection and creation of the proper legal structure, including corporations (Chapter C or Subchapter S), limited liability companies (LLCs), sole proprietorships and partnerships. Once a new business entity is formed, our firm continues to guide the business owner or manager through the process of proper business record-keeping to ensure compliance with applicable Federal and State laws.

Corporate Governance
Our firm represents business clients in intra-company matters such as corporate governance, sale or purchase of stocks of closely held companies, shareholder agreements, operating agreements, company policy statements or manuals, due diligence reviews of prospective acquisitions, and preparation of legal documents required to effect all types of transactions within a company. Our firm helps uncover and identify legal pitfalls that business owners and managers may not be aware of, and we adopt proactive and preventive approaches to effectively address them, thus saving our clients money and resources in the long run.